What is the purpose of Group Classes ?

We are overwhelmed by the positive response we have received for our Veda classes online – “One to One”  and the desire of many to learn Veda Chanting. Owing to the increasing number of learners and to cater to this requirement, we have planned to start Free Group Veda Chanting classes.


Classes are conducted ONLINE on Monday – 11:00 AM ISTSaturday – 05:00 PM IST for the Year 2021.  Classes start on  2nd Aug 2021. Same Suktham will be taught during the Whole Month.  Students can join as per their convenience. They can attend classes on both days if they want.  Please bring the Text/Printout for the class.  Depending on the strength of the class, interactions will be controlled. The classes are open for all.  All are welcome to join on any day.

Please find the Audio files here

Please find the PDF for the suktham here

  • August 2021 : Purusha Suktham   Audio
  • Sept 2021 :  Naaraayana Suktham Audio
  • Oct 2021 : Durga Suktham  (Audio) and Medha Suktham (Audio)
  • Nov 2021 : Sri Suktham  Audio
  • Dec 2021 : Bhaagya Suktham  Audio

Duration : 45 to 60 Min per session.

Frequency : 2 Classes in a week. (Monday – 11:00 AM ISTSaturday – 05:00 PM IST)

Fees : Nil

For Registration : No need to Register. Please join the link at the Scheduled timing

Google meet link : You can join directly   here   as per above schedule

Class conducted by Viswanatha Raju P H