Viswanatha Raju P H

I learned Veda manthras from my Grandfather Sri Viswanatha Sharma who was a Veda Pandit and a Sanskrit scholar. After about 29 years of sailing as Marine Engineer, I decided to quit sea. Now I am settled at Bangalore and I enjoy taking Veda chanting classes.


Sreeram P H

Sri.Sreeram P H is my younger brother who also learned Veda Manthras from my Grandfather.  He works as Finance Manager in a Private Company.

Mahesh Puthucode

Sri Mahesh Puthucode is a native of Puthucode and has learned both Yajur veda and Saama veda from Late Shri Gopala Vadhyar, Puthucode. Sri Mahesh is working as a Finance professional in a Private Company at Chennai.

Ramakrishnan Palakkad

Sri Ramakrishnan learnt Veda Manthras from Sri.Ramanatha Deekshithar, Palakkad for about 15 years. He hails from a Vedic scholar family. He works  as a financial analyst in a private company at Bangalore. He is also a very good Mridangam artist.

Hari Krishnan V K 

Sri Hari Krishnan is a native of Vadakkencherry in Palakkad Dist. He learnt Veda Manthras from Sri Raasamani Vaadhyar, Kizhakkencherry. He is having own software business and is now settled at Mumbai.

Madhusoodan Bhat

Sri.Madhusoodan Bhat is from Uthara Kannada and has completed Krishna Yajurveda Kramanta from Matturu and Tirupathi, and has a post graduation MA M.Phil in Veda Bhashya from R.S.V.P.Tirupati. At present, he is running own Veda Vidya Gurukula at Banavasi, Uthara Karnataka.

Srikanta Shastry

Sri.Srikanta Shastry has learned Veda Manthras from his Grandfather. Having a passion for teaching and sharing knowledge, he joined Vedaclassonline as a faculty member. He works in a Private company and now settled with family at Bangalore.

Sundaram Vaadhyar 

Sri Sundaram Vaadhyar is a native of Palakkad Dist. in Kerala. He learnt Veda Manthras from Sri Ramanatha Dikshithar, Palakkad. and Sri Mani Vaadhyar, Palakkad. He is presently Practicing Upaadhyayam at Mumbai for the past 20 years.

Avinash Sharma

Sri. Avinash Sharma completed his Veda Adhyayanam from T.T.D. Thirupathi, Andra Pradesh. He is an Adhyapaka as well as Priest at Bangalore for the past 20 years.

Ananthanarayanan K S

Sri Ananthanarayanan K S has learned Veda Manthras from his father’s elder brother Sri Chellan Vadhyar of Kavassery, Palakkad Dist initially and later from the Paatasaala at Palakkad.  He is still continuing his Veda Adhyayanam and at the same time joined Vedaclassonline to share the knowledge. He is a Graduate Mechanical Engineer , now retired from services.

Govindakrishnan Puthucode

Sri Govindakrishnan Puthucode is a native of Puthucode and has learned both Yajur veda and Saama veda from Late Shri Gopala Vadhyar, Puthucode.  Sri Govindakrishnan is working as an Officer in a Global Bank. He is Elder brother of Sri Mahesh Puthucode.

Nithya Padmanabhan

Smt.Nithya Padmanabhan is from Bangalore and is teaching Sthothrams.To name a few : Aditya Hridayam, Vishnu Sahasranamam, Lalita Sahasranamam, Devi Mahatmyam, Narayaneeyam, Mooka Panchashati, Srimad Bhagavad Gita etc.

Anant Manjunatha Bhat

Sri.Anant Manjunatha Bhat is has completed Krishna Yajurveda Moolanta and studying Vedanta. At present, he is a Veda Teacher in Shri Uma Madhukeshvara Veda Vidya Gurukula, Banavasi, Karnataka.